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  Gotham Review   I have been tasked with reviewing Gotham (thank the lord). Gotham is a dark twisted tale of Batman’s youth and how the villains of Gotham (Penguin, Joker, Harley Quinn, Riddler etc) came to be the masterminds they are. The show also follows Jim Gordon or ”Commissioner[…]

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Stephen Kings IT Movie Review!

    IT Review   So the latest IT movie hit cinema screens on the 8th of September and since then seems to have taken of and created a new generation of Penny wise lovers. Though there may be a few die hard original lovers who hate the new movie[…]

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Edinburgh & East

CC Blooms 23 – 24 Greenside Place Edinburgh. The oldest and most popular gay venue in Edinburgh. CC Blooms is a stylish bar & restaurant by day and a classy nightclub by night. CC serves excellent cocktails and modern cuisine, and offers a full wine and champagne list. The dance floor[…]

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Glasgow & West

AXM Glasgow 30th September 2017 ABBA Tribute Night This is going to be one amazing night with two 45 min sets of ABBA plus a DJ and party to 4am. Tickets are only £10 and give you access to the whole club x Tickets at Eventbrite   Friday 17th November[…]

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RuPaul’s Drag Race

When on air in the UK, this is where you will find opinion pieces on the current series. Update. In April 2017, VH1 renewed RuPaul’s Drag Race for a 10th season. Season 10 has an expected air date of March 2018, however this has yet to be confirmed. Casting for[…]

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Nick Shane

Nick Shane was originally the front-man for the NSA, a Dundee based band. Nick has just released an album of unheard material, recorded by the band before they split. Nick Shane went on to fulfill a solo career, playing all major LGBT and Pride events all over the UK. He[…]

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Best Number 1 of 2016

Its nearing the end of 2016 so for you all here is a wee vote to see what is the best UK Number 1 Single. So do you think Adele is the best or are you one of the newly found Bliebers? Vote and see if they win.

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