Scene Radio

Scene Radio


Scene Radio Mornings – Monday to Friday 8am until 11am

Presented by Paul Woodland, Scene Radio Mornings is a mix of music, news form around Scotland and LGBTI+ news in association with Pink Saltire. Paul will also keep you up to date with your favourite TV shows and LGBTI+ events taking place around Scotland. You can request songs, shout-outs and birthday greetings by emailing, tweeting the show @sceneradio_ using #srmornings or sending a message via



A Date With Mr Fabulous – Monday from 7pm until 9pm (Repeated Friday at 11am)

Presented by James Smith, a Date with Mr Fabulous is a mix of music from from today to back whenever, or it could be a Glee week, or a musicals week or any other topic James puts his mind to. Whatever the theme for the week you can be assured of a fun filled show brought to you in a style that is unique to Mr Fabulous. The one unique fact of the show is that it is all bout YOU (except when it is #allaboutme)



IMP Indie Blues – Tuesday 7pm until 8pm

Presented by DJ Suzy, IMP Indie Blues is a one hour show that is jammed packed with some of the best Blues Music by Independent Blues Musicians around the globe. If you are a Blues fan don’t miss this brilliant mix!






Vinyl Days – Wednesday – 7pm until 9pm

Presented by Alec Nichol. Vinyl days is a two hour show bringing you the best from the 60’s right up to today. Join Alec every Wednesday for a trip that will evoke memories and get you dancing.


IMP Indie Mania – Thursday 7pm until 8pm

​Presented by DJ Suzy, IMP Indie Mania is a mixed genre show bringing you the finest selection of Independent Music.  The only music you will not hear on IMP Indie Mania at this time are Heavy Metal, Punk, Rap, and Hip Hop.






Weekend Breakfast – Saturday and Sunday 8am until 11am

Presented by Mike Easton.


Bangers and Mash – Saturday 9pm until 10pm

Presented by DJ Jaysen Harrison.  ⚠️ Can you remember going on nights out and seeing men with pony tales, dancing like crazy, wearing white gloves jumping up and down with sweat dripping from them?

💊 Going on a night out in those days was something else, the kids of today will never understand. I feel so lucky to have come of age during that time, dancing all night in a field and not worrying about how it might look on Facebook 😜

🎧 Every Saturday I will be taking you though some of the biggest and greatest EVER club bangers mixed and mashed up with a pinch of modern flavour to keep things interesting and exciting. It’s going to be the best show on the air in 2018. Share this page and help spread the love and word 🏳️‍🌈♥️🏳️‍🌈❤️🏳️‍🌈


IMP Indie Country – Sunday 7pm until 8pm

Presented by DJ Suzy. If you want to hear GOOD Country Music from some of the best Independent Artists from all over the world, this is the place to be!  IMP Indie Country offers 2 hours of the newest and best Indie Country Music anywhere!







The Love Zone – Sunday 8pm until 9pm

Presented by Alec Nichol. The Love Zone. It’s the show which plays the very best love songs – both classic love ballads which have stood the test of time, together with more contemporary hits – songs which could be future classics.

Romantic and classic songs that mean so much to so many. What we do is take feel good love songs and mix them into a great hour were you can chill out and enjoy the music.



All other times/days.

At all other times on days where no show is scheduled, Scene Radio programs a mix of music fro 1990 right up to today’s chart hits from 7am until 7pm, from 7pm until 7am, Scene radio plays out some classics that may go back as far as the early 70’s and on Friday and Saturday some club music could make its way onto the playlist. So, whatever your taste in music we are sure that there will be something for everyone.

Want to present a show?

We are always on the lookout for talented presenters or shows that fit in with our goal of serving the LGBTI+ Community. If you feel you have what it takes get in touch via the Get Involved Page.

And keep up to date with Scene Radio